Herman Cain: American Spectator Hangs Mother Jones, Media Matters With Their Own Rope

Posted by Brian
Great piece by Jeffrey Lord of The American Spectator

Mother Jones, Media Matters Dodge on Lynching

There they go again.
The American left, caught in the act of brandishing their electronic rope for yet another conservative black man, is busy dodging their long and horrendous history of racism.
Mother Jones tries to turn attention from the left's abysmal record on lynchings -- high tech or with a rope -- by re-visiting my criticism of ex-Agriculture official Shirley Sherrod. My point back then, of course, was that Ms. Sherrod cited a Supreme Court case in which she claimed the Court said her relative was lynched. I read the case. The words "lynch" or "lynching" appeared exactly nowhere in the case. Ms. Sherrod, surprise, finally emerged as just another standard left-winger who, sadly, employs race and state to push a progressive agenda. That was my criticism and it stands.
But the Sherrod incident highlights exactly why leftist publications are so wildly excitable on the subject of lynching, as Media Matters is here as it foams about (the list is long) Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Matt Drudge, Monica Crowley, Peter Johnson Jr., Greg Gutfeld, Brent Bozell, Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit and yours truly. All of us having in our individual fashion called them out on their wretched history. (Note to Media Matters: You missed Mark Levin. Get on the stick over there.)
The American left has a brutal and vivid centuries-long history on race, as we have previously detailed at length here and here

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