Occupy Wall Street Sympathizer Threatens To Murder SC Governor Nikki Haley

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Again I ask: Just how is the Occupy movement just like the Tea Party Movement?  Rape at Tea Party events? No. Terroristic threats? No.  Defecating in public? No.  Riots and brawls with the police? None reported. Filthy encampments endangering public health? Hardly. The reporting by the mainstream news outlets regarding the glaring disparity between, not only the size of the events, but of the anti-capitalist money and groups behind these unsuspecting dupes, as well as the absolute lack of reporting of some of the more vile things happening at these different locations (anti-semitism, crime, health conditions, etc.) exposes even further how out-of-touch and biased so many members of the media have become.  They are no longer reporting events.  They have become advocates for certain views and movements which match their own.

OWS sympathizer threatens to murder Nikki Haley


SC Governor Nikki Haley

Nathan Shafer who threatened to murder Haley
Ah, free speech is grand, isn’t it? Well… yes. But with certain limits. Verum Serum takes note of one couragious first amendment (and, apparently Occupy Wall Street) supporter who chose to explore those limits in a rather ill fated and short lived way. Seeing that South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley had “allowed” police to arrest some members of Occupy Columbia, he did what any rational, concerned citizen would do. He jumped on his Facebook page and threatened to murder her.
Read More at Hot Air (With Video Link of the Arrest)
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