Gingrich Points Out To Moderator The Absurdity Of The Presidential Debate Format

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One of the reasons that Newt Gingrich is starting to gain traction and surge in the polls is his refusal to take the bait of "moderators" in the GOP debates.  The format of the debates is a set up for all of the candidates.  The questions to the candidates are a series of "gotcha" questions, asked not to help clarify the candidates' position on an issue, but an attempt to illicit a sound bite which can be shown on the morning news shows the following day.
Judging by the audience response to Gingrich's idea for Lincoln/Douglas-style debates, where the candidates can have substantive discussions on the issues, and effectively have a conversation with the voters without a 30-second buzzer, they are tired of the current asinine questions and format as well.
The media continue to think that the American people are stupid, and that they are the purveyors of truth and wisdom when it comes to picking who the President should be.  The American people, though, are very well engaged and are well aware of what these debates are about.  Many Americans say that they are sick of politics and the gotcha style of politics.  Well, it is the media that continues to politicize everything, in the hope that in can catch a politician, or any other public figure, making a verbal gaffe on camera. or with a mic on.
Gingrich is climbing in the polls because he has had the guts in these debates to point out what many of the American people know, and opening the eyes of many others who are now seeing what political hacks many of these so-called "news" people are.

'Absurd' to Give 30-Second Response to Health Care Question, Gingrich Says

(CNSNews.com) - Asked at the Michigan debate to describe their health-care plans in 30 seconds, some of the Republicans tried to do it -- but one balked at answering what he called an "absurb" question.

"Well, I just want to point out, my colleagues have done a terrific job of answering an absurd question," Newt Gingrich said -- prompting laughter. "To say, in 30 seconds --" he began, when moderator Maria Bartiromo sterned interrupted him:

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