Krauthammer: Obama's "Lazy" Comments Shows "Ill-Concealed Contempt" for Americans

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President Obama, who has never met a challenge that he couldn't delegate to, or blame on someone else, is overseas once again trashing the country and people that elected him to the highest position in the land.  In the past he has said America has shown "arrogance" and been "dismissive and derisive"toward Europe, that America's success is "tied directly to progress in Latin America". At one point he had planned to apologize to Japan for dropping the atomic bomb in WW2, but it was the Japanese who convinced him not to apologize, presumably to keep him from further embarrassing himself on the international stage.
Obam may be the laziest President to ever occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  He makes speeches and grand statements about his "policies" and budget plans, but nothing of substance ever seems to come out of the White House.  The budget plan that he did submit was so bad and unserious as to be defeated 97-0  in the Senate.  He couldn't even get one Democrat to take it seriously.  The Health Care bill was punted to Democrats in Congress. Most of his days don't begin until after 9:30 - 10:00 AM., and end by 5:00PM, unless he jetting off to a campaign speech.  This guy plays President for, on average, less than eight hours a day.  So I, and most working Americans, don't want to hear this person who has managed to get in at least 76 rounds of golf since elected, tell us that we are the ones who are lazy.  Tell it to the mass unwashed at the Occupy events, whom Obama and the Democrats have fully embraced as the only real Americans. What "real" job has this man had in his lifetime? Community organizer doesn't count. I'm talking "job", like a dishwasher, construction, entrepreneur.  Something where he has actually either had to get his hands dirty, or something where he has put his own neck out and created jobs and created something. No, in the end, he has never been more than a malcontent "community organizer" and rabble-rouser - which is what he still does today.
We Americans don't need lectures from Barack Hussein Obama about laziness.  He epitomizes it.

Hard at work in Honolulu during the annual Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation meetings, President Barack Obama made a comment that the United States has been “lazy” about attracting new businesses to America. As Dave Urbanski noted in The Blaze Sunday, the third time in as many months that Obama has “chided the United States for lack of effort in the competition for business.”

Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer responded on Fox’s “Special Report” Monday, telling the President to look in the mirror before blaming others:
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