5th Cain Accuser: He "Exhibited No Inappropriate Sexual Behavior"

Posted by Brian
It's Not The Nature Of The Evidence, It's The Seriousness Of The Charge

The Washington Examiner has produced a "5th accuser" in the media frenzy surrounding Herman Cain and alleged sexual harassment claims (click here for story). This latest "bombshell" may be the strongest evidence yet of an attempt to destroy the reputation  of Herman Cain and his presidential run.  There is literally nothing in this latest story to even hint that Cain did or said anything untoward in this latest hit piece.
As this travesty continues, it becomes more and more clear that the reporting on this is to personally destroy candidate Cain, regardless of the evidence, or lack thereof.  The lack of anything substantive in these allegations matters not to a media hell-bent on taking Cain out.
This latest allegation consists of Cain asking to be put in touch with a woman who had asked a question at a seminar he was speaking at.  It was reported that he wanted to provide her a more thorough answer to a question she had asked, and that they could discuss it over dinner.  He eventually went to dinner with several of the women in which they state that nothing inappropriate happened.

How the hell is this even a story!  This doesn't even rise to the level of news.  The headline is the news. The article itself is much ado about nothing.

This whole fiasco has been much ado about nothing. It is now starting to be reported that the women making the accusations have things in their background which make them less credible.  Bialek, it has been reported, has had a long history of financial troubles, lives in the same building as David Axelrod, Barack Obama's former Senior Advisor in the White House, has been described by CBS's Bill Curtis as a person who has a "track record", and that there is "much more to the story", and is described by a friend as a "gold digger". Cain's second accuser to come out, Karen Kraushaar, works in the Obama Treasury Department, and who filed a second sexual harassment claim at the job she had following her work at the National Restaurant Association.

What is being done to Herman Cain, by whoever it is that does not want him to be the GOP nominee, is one of the most disgusting things that I have ever witnessed.  The reporting on this has been nothing short criminal.  What has been reported to this point wouldn't stand a chance in a court of law, if it wasn't tossed before it even got to court.  But to the media, liberals, and weak-kneed Republicans, Herman Cain has been found guilty already in the court of public opinion, regardless of the facts.
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