Anne Hathaway Marches With Students From The 3rd Most Expensive Private College In The Country At Occupy Event To Highlight Income Disparity

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h/t to The Blaze
Hollywood's hypocrisy is unrivaled.  I wonder if Princess Anne offered to help with the student loans of the economically "oppressed: students of NYU.

Millionaire Actress Anne Hathaway Shows Solidarity With Millionaire NYU Students at OWS
Anne Hathaway, Worth $58 Mililon, "Connects" with the 99%
She is one of the highest-paid actresses in the world, but $58-million-dollar lady Anne Hathaway feels so much solidarity with the 99%, she chose to join them for an Occupy Wall Street pro-socialism rally on a cold, rainy day in Union Square.

Last year’s Oscars hostess stood alongside NYU students, professors, and labor organizers as she held up a sign that said: ‘Blackboards not bullets’.
Hathaway wanted to show support for the “Students and Workers United” rally in Union Square on Thursday, which was just one of many Occupy Wall Street-affiliated protests in the city.
Hathaway’s films have grossed approximately $3.2 billion.