Propagandist Goebbels, er Michael Moore: Pepper Spray at UC Davis Like "Tiananmen Square"

Posted by Brian
Michael Moore, in this generation's attempt to liken the pepper spray incident at UC Davis to to the massacre of students in China's Tiananmen Square, makes a complete ass out of himself once again, which has become a habit for the anti-American movie producer, ever since he has entered the public spotlight and made a fortune for himself in out capitalist society. Bless his heart.
 He fashions himself as a champion of the downtrodden  (or the 99%) as he lives an opulent lifestyle, separating himself from living among the less desirable downtrodden blacks, hispanics, and other "undesirables" in society, and choosing to live among his affluent lilly-white friends in "safe" gated communities. This multi-millionaire pimple on the ass of America, who holds himself up as an icon of the poor and disadvantaged, while he gorges himself on lobster and fried chicken, enlarging his corpulent waistline and ego, would do all of us a favor by just going home with a bucket of Kentucky Fried and some jelly doughnuts, and whacking off to Warren Beatty's romantic ode to Lenin's revolution and the rise of the Soviet Union, "Reds".
Michael Moore, we would hardly miss ya.
Watch video here:  http://youtu.be/FsHhVtsp7yc

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