The Littlest Dictator: Bloomberg's New Target is Styrofoam

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Self-appointed health Nazi Michael Bloomberg is at it again.  Not content with his edicts to ban trans-fats in restaurants, sodas larger than 16 ounces, or smoking in public parks, the little dictator has set his sights on his next personal pet peeve - Styrofoam.
The fact that restaurants and eateries all over the city would have to switch to other, more expensive means of providing "to-go" containers matter not to an arrogant little piece of crap like Bloomturd.  Overtaxed, over-regulated New Yorkers will of course go along with the associated increases to their ever-rising cost of living in the "Big Apple", as businesses will be forced to either raise their prices or begin charging for the to-go containers to maintain their shrinking profit margins.
The man who mounted an air conditioning unit into the window of his limousine has, like all statists, the 'Do as I say' condescending attitude for dealing with his subjects, saying "the doggie bag will survive just fine".
Yes. But, at what cost, Nanny Bloomberg?

Styrofoam Is Next Target for Nanny Bloomberg

BY: Washington Free Beacon Staff February 14, 2013 11:58 am

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will deliver his State of the City address today at Brooklyn’s new Barclay Center. The mayor is looking to solidify his reputation as “Nanny Bloomberg” in his final address with a slew of proposed regulations, including a ban on Styrofoam.
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