Smart Meters: Arrests, Power Being Cut to Ensure Mandatory Compliance of Monitoring

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Last month, a woman in Naperville, Illinois was arrested for refusing to allow the power company to install a Smart Meter on her property (Story here).
A companion story to this is the Ohio woman, who has serious health problems, which include a pacemaker and a breathing machine to prevent her from dying, had her power cut off because she had legitimate concerns regarding the safety of the meters as they related to her pacemaker.
She had requested that the power company, AEP-Ohio, provide her assurances that the electro-magnetic frequencies would not interfere with here pacemaker, as there is at least one case where in which this appears to have happened (see video below).
The response of AEP?  Show up with law enforcement officers to cut her power off.  Even though they were aware that she needs a breathing machine to ensure that she doesn't die during the night, or that there is an Ohio law that forbids turning the power off during the dead of winter.  Even though her power bill was paid up to date.  It didn't matter.  The Smart Meter which may put your life at risk must be installed, or lose your power and possibly freeze to death.
How many people really think that when they buy a piece of property that they really own it?  Between  regulations, taxes, public utilities telling you what type of electric meter you have to have, the EPA, building codes, and a plethora of other things, you are really only leasing it from the government. They can come in at any time to put in state-mandated monitoring devices which you have little to no say about.  The EPA can determine that you have a rare snail on you property that needs protection, or that you have standing water on a low-lying area, and re-designate your land as a wetland, or endangered species habitat, and seize your land with no compensation.
Now, supposedly these Smart Meters are for our own good.  The claim is that we can better monitor our power usage, and that it saves us money on our bills.  That's a good thing, right?  They also allow the companies to read the meter remotely without have someone go door to door, saving the power company money, which of course we know, said savings will be passed on to the consumer.  Ha!
The flip side of this coin is that it allows the power company to know your living habits in disturbing detail.  They can determine what time you wash your cloths, or when you are preparing meals, by the amount of power you are using and the type of energy signature that your appliance produces.
Though the meters are advertised to lower your bills, many see their bills increase.  Why?  Because power companies have a tiered rate system, assessing higher premium surcharges at certain times of the day, the new meters know if your usage increases during those times, and you are then billed at a rates up to four times higher than the standard kw/per hour rate.
Even this is not the most disturbing thing about the Smart Meter's ability to track your everyday habits. By knowing when your power is being used, certain things can be extrapolated using this data.  Suppose you go out several times a week to the club, coming in at one or two in the morning.  When you get home at those times, you turn on lights or other appliances. Maybe you take a shower, which activates your water heater. The power company now knows this, based on the date being transmitted by RF signals from your meter.  If, at some time in the future, this data is shared with other entities, say auto or government-run health insurance exchanges/companies, they can then use this data to determine that your behavior places you in a higher risk category, and determine that you should pay higher premiums, or disallow certain treatments based on your chosen lifestyle.  One town is even looking to install "Smart" parking meters (link) which you pay with credit, or smart cards.  A pretty good way to monitor your movements, don't you think?
That government and law enforcement are telling citizens that Smart Meter compliance is mandatory should cause a chill to run up your spine.

Handicapped Ohio woman has power cut for refusing Smart Meter

Louis Donovan of Carson, CA, who wears a pacemaker, speaks of being admitted to the hospital four times for cardiac arrhythmia.  His problems with his pacemaker began after a Smartmeter was installed at his residence, disappearing when the Smartmeter was removed.

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