Media Was Silent On Obama Admins Tax Cheats While Hammering Romney Tax Returns

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Remember when the media meme of the campaign was the Romney was "unqualified" to be President because, in their view, he didn't pay enough in taxes?  Plus he was too rich, or something.  Even the troll-like Harry Reid got into the bashing, falsely accusing Romney of paying no taxes during some years, claiming that he had inside information from some mysterious person.  Of course he was unable to produce this mystery voice, so it can be safely assumed that it came from one of the many "friends" that old "dingy Harry" has running around in his head. Then, of course,  there was the conniption fit that the left threw when he released his returns, and it was discovered that he payed more than he had to by not claiming the full $4 million charitible deduction he is allowed.  Oh, the horror! "He did pay his fair share...and then some!"
One thing that you didn't hear from the propaganda machine which calls itself the media, is the number of people in the Obama Administration who not only didn't pay their "fair share", but who owe literally millions in back taxes to the IRS.  While Obama is stirring up his sycophantic base with his class warfare rhetoric of "fairness", people in his own administration are cheating the system. Yet, not a peep from the media, save one lone story in January 2012.  After that? Silence.  I can only imagine the dressing-down that the reporter who ran the story got, just for doing some honest reporting.
Thanks to citizen reporters, like FireAndreaMitchell.com and others, we can actually get news that the media sees fit to hide.
FireAndreaMitchell.com reports that 36 Obama aides owe the IRS over $833K!  That is just the tip of the iceberg.  The EPA under Obama lackey Lisa Jackson has 413 people who owe over $19 MILLION back taxes, and the FDIC has 185 employees owing another $3 million.
Hypocrisy?  You bet!  Criminal neglect by the media?  I'll let you decide.

36 Obama aides owe $833,970 in back taxes – media silent 

Maybe the pink slime media is too caught up in Mitt Romney’s 12 year old tax returns or something. They sure don’t seem to care about the fact that *36* Obama aides owe a grand total of nearly a million in back taxes. $833,970 in back taxes is owed to the government by Obama’s government lackey aides.
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