Rove Trying To Sink Cain Candidacy

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Karl Rove, whom George W. Bush called "the architect", has made it his passion since the end of the Bush Presidency to try to sink the candidacy of every conservative Republican who is running for office, up and down the ticket.  He sank Christine O'Donnell's Senate race against a self-proclaimed socialist on the night that she defeated incumbent Mike Castle in the primaries.  He has since trashed averyone from Sarah Palin to Sharon Angle.  The latest conservative in Rove's sights is Presidential frontrunner Herman Cain.
Rove has become the poster-child for the kind of inside-the-beltway thinking that many out here in the heartland have become disgusted with.  He represents the status quo of a party that is becoming increasingly disconnected with its base  Rove is not a conservative.  Never has been.  He has supported nearly every moderate (read: liberal) Republican since the 1970's, including Ford over Reagan, Bush over Reagan, and G.W. Bush.
Rove claims that Cain has peaked.  I contend that it is Rove's star that is now falling, his motives exposed. 

Karl Rove Says Cain’s Finished, Zogby Says He ‘Trounces’ Romney Head-to-Head
by AWR Hawkins

When Gov. Sarah Palin was deciding whether or not to get into the presidential race, Karl Rove was popping up on Fox News to talk about why her skin was too thin for the job. And when Gov. Rick Perry was thinking about his entrance into the race, Rove was Johnny-on-the-spot with reasons why a Perry candidacy would not be viable either.

Now Rove’s moved on to Herman Cain, whose candidacy he’s doing all he can to sink, sidetrack, or otherwise derail.
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