Steny Hoyer: Tea Partiers Come From Unhappy Families

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Posted by Brian
I think that maybe Steny is still a little miffed about being sent back to the minority...and maybe from being named "Steny".
Steny Hoyer: I’m thinking most tea partiers probably come from unhappy families
posted at 4:35 pm on January 5, 2011 by Allahpundit

I’m amazed. Not that a Democrat would say it — this is straight out of the Harry Reid songbook — but that it would come from someone like Hoyer who’s not normally given to bomb-throwing. In fact, you can tell that this sort of thing isn’t his forte: As thumbnail psychoanalyses of political opponents go, it’s one of the lamest examples I’ve ever heard.

In fairness, the man’s hurting right now after being unceremoniously dumped back into the House minority. And look on the bright side: A year ago, their catch-all explanation for tea party motivations was racism. (For Howard Dean, it still is.) Now, per Hoyer, it’s upgraded to family dysfunction, a condition that’s downright sympathetic. You’re not evil anymore! You’re just … sad. Aw:  READ MORE HERE--->

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