Leftists Grasp At Straws Over Reading Of U.S. Constitution

Posted by Brian
Some on the left are apparently grasping at whatever straws they can to ridicule the notion of Congress brushing up on the Constitution.  While $1 million is certainly a lot of money to someone like me, to recent congressional classes it is a pebble dropped into the Grand Canyon.  They are capable of, and have, passed bills that cost hundreds of billions of dollars in one fell swoop.  Maybe if they actually are reintroduced to what is in the Constitution, some of the members will start to go back and learn about our founding, and what the Constitution actually represents.  For ignoramus's like Mr. Kleefield and others, the Constitution is simply a piece of paper which obstructs their goals of moving the United States to a socialistic welfare State.  They would be happy to take FDR's (and Obama's) notion of a implementing a 2nd Bill of Rights to undermine our original Founding Document. 

Report: House GOP's Constitution Reading Could Cost Over $1 Million
Eric Kleefeld January 6, 2011, 8:27AM

Now this is a laugh. As Vanity Fair reports, the House GOP leadership's symbolic gesture of reading the Constitution on the House floor today -- in an effort to please their Tea Party base who decry virtually all of the Obama administration's policies as both a monumental waste of money and, more importantly, an affront to our founding document -- could also itself cost a lot of money.

The magazine asked an expert on government waste, and he said in part:  READ MORE HERE--->

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