Christiane Amanpour's Should American's Fear Islam Town Hall

Watching this, I was struck by the biased questioning by Christiane Amanpour (no shock - she has been an Islamist apologist since Gulf War I).  Her questions to those who are opposed to the ground zero mosque, or to sharia law, were colored by her own bias.  It was essentially "defend your bigoted views". The reverse was also true, as she took a more "compassionate" tone with Daisy Khan, and the "victims" of our "Islamophobia".  To her credit, she did have a radical cleric on from the UK, who essentially confirmed what Franklin Graham was saying about Islam and Sharia in an earlier exchange. Overall, an interesting exchange, though at time infuriating (as when Reza Aslan, a true apologist for the Islamists, calls Franklin Graham a bigot, and the audience erupts in cheers - apparently a pro-mosque crowd).

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