AFL-CIO's Trumka Looks To "Take Out Scott Walker"

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Scott Walker is the poster boy for everything that Richard Trumka and the labor unions hate, especially when it comes to stripping state workers of collective bargaining "rights".  Let's be clear.  Collective bargaining for public sector unions should be stripped.  These are government employees. That is, they work for the people.  Their salaries and benefits are payed for with taxpayer money.  Thus, when they say that they are negotiating for pay and benefits, they are not bargaining with a private corporation or business. Private companies and unions can negotiate based on what affect it would have on their profitability, their  ability to remain competitive, or how it might affect long-term viability of the company (think GM).  Public employee unions on the other hand are "playing" with taxpayer money, with literally zero input from the taxpayers on pay and benefits.  If the money isn't there, it's no sweat off of their backs.  The legislature just raises taxes to cover shortfalls.  At least until the taxpayers finally catch on and start to fight back. Like Wisconsin.

The problem for the unions in Wisconsin and Herr Trumka is that the state is now in better shape financially than before the collective bargaining battle won by Governor Walker.  In addition, Wisconsin's unemployment rate is well below the national average, 6.8% in March, down from 6.9% in January and February, and well below the 7.6% from one year before.

Trumka and the union are going to throw millions of dollars to advertising and smear campaigns to remove Walker from office.  The unions and community activists, if the race is close, or God-forbid, comes down to a recount, will attempt to swing the election by stuffing the ballot boxes, "finding" lost ballots in basements or car trunks, while challenging every single vote for Scott Walker.  It will be Minnesota all over again, where there were more registered voters than residents in some districts, and which all happened to fall for Al Franken, in an essentially 50/50 state.

Do the right thing Wisconsin voters.  Don't let Richard Trumka the left steal this election.

AFL-CIO President: ‘I Think We’ll Take out Scott Walker’ 

By Melanie Hunter May 7, 2012

(CNSNews.com) – AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said he is confident that the labor movement will be successful in removing Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker from office, and he downplayed the fact that Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett – who has had a “rocky relationship” with labor unions – is the frontrunner in the Democratic primary.
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