WH Senior Adviser: Unemployment Stimulates the Economy

Speaking in Durham North Carolina, and with unemployment rising to 9%, Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett is the latest statist to attempt to dumb-down the American public on economics. Like Nancy Pelosi before her, Jarrett makes the inane claim that unemployment checks are good for the economy. This follows her comment that  "we had" a bad economy. Had? This is the arrogance of the leftist. That she can sit there straight-faced, and imply that the economy is thriving, ignoring the suffering of people around the country, tells you how this bunch views the American public. Because they say it, we dolts are supposed to just ignore the economic ruin taking place in the country.
Look around you. Since 2009, gasoline (which affects the cost of everything) is up over 80%, beef is up 24%, bacon 22%. Inflation adjusted household incomes are going down. Your dollar today doesn't go as far as it did in in 2009.  Worse, it is the staples such as wheat and corn products, and all of the products that are dependent on those products, that are being affected.
And Valerie Jarrett wants the public to believe that high unemployment is a good thing? Amazing.

Flashback: Nancy Pelosi says Unemployment creates jobs and is one of the best economic stimulus.

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