Chicago Teachers Union: 20% Smaller Classes, 30% Pay Raises

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As Chicago and the state of Illinois sink deeper into the red, the Chicago Teachers Union is "negotiating" for a 30% pay increase for teachers over 2 years.  The highest paid teacher in the state is currently making over $203,000. Under the unions demands, this teacher would then be making $264,100.20, more than some CEO's make.
Oh, and the projected deficit of the district schools is a reported $720 million.
Union President, Karen Lewis (who makes more than $300K in pay and benefits), stated: "We are not negotiating this in the public". Well you should be you arrogant, porcine jerk. Seeing as this is a "public" union, payed for with taxpayer dollars, my question is: why is this NOT being played out in public.
This is the problem with public unions.  They, and government officials who receive political donations from these unions, sit around a table and negotiate how much of the taxpayers money is going to change hands, in the form of exorbitant salaries, and ridiculous benefits packages.  Unlike unions who negotiate with private companies and private money, public unions are beholden to the taxpayers for their pay and benefits. They are negotiating against the taxpayers, with the taxpayers having no say in how much of their money is going to be confiscated from them in the form of property, local, and state taxes to pay for this crap.
Illinois taxpayers should raise holy hell about this outrage!

CTU President Karen Lewis
Chicago Teachers Want a 30% Pay Increase Over Next 2 Years
Posted by Jim Hoft on Friday, February 17, 2012, 10:24 AM

In 2010 14,866 Illinois teachers made over $100,000. The highest paid teacher in Illinois teaches PE and made $203,154. 760 Illinois P.E. teachers made over $100,000 not including benefits.
But, they want more…
The Chicago Teachers Union is asking for 30% raises in next two years.
The Chicago Tribune reported:
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