OUTRAGE! NY Offers Marine 15 Years For Unwitting Gun Violation, Offers Criminals Cash Buybacks, Immunity

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NY state of mind: Gun amnesty for criminals, felony charges for unwitting Marine 
Published: 1:18 AM 02/16/2012 | Updated: 1:28 PM 02/16/2012

Ryan Jerome was arrested and charged with felony gun possession in September during a visit to New York, after unknowingly violating the state’s tough gun laws. As charges pend against the Indiana resident, real-life criminals are permitted to sell illegal weapons to the city for cash, no questions asked, through a taxpayer-funded program.
Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance, whose office is prosecuting Jerome, proudly promotes the “buyback” initiative.
Jerome’s criminal saga began when he visited New York City with thousands of dollars worth of jewelry that he intended to sell. Jerome, once a U.S. Marine and now a jeweler, brought a gun for protection, mistakenly believing that New York would honor his Indiana concealed carry permit.
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