Let's Honor, Not Stretch, the Buckley Rule

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Excellent piece by David Limbaugh on some weak-kneed conservatives redefining the "Buckley Rule" with so-called strategic political calculations. Even the previously staunch conservative Ann Coulter has blinked in this campaign season, throwing her support behind the least conservative candidate, Mitt Romney, claiming that he is the only one who can beat Barack Obama, and that a vote for Newt Gingrich is a vote Obama. This after her political crush on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who initially gained favor with conservatives for his bombastic YouTube videos of him directly taking on unions in NJ.  He has since been shown through his stances on cap and trade, gun control, amnesty, and campaigning for GOP moderate Mike Castle in Delaware, among other less than conservative stances, to not be the staunch conservative as initially thought. He may be conservative for a northeast liberal state, but a Reagan conservative? Hardly.
This article by David Limbaugh lays out succinctly what the Buckley rule is, how the prevailing wisdom that any one candidate should be ordained by an Obama-friendly media, while reminding us that we should not compromise our principles due to who those in the Beltway GOP establishment say is "electable".
Let the primary process run it's course, but don't apologize for who your gut, and more importantly, your brain tell you is the best candidate. Not who others claim is most electable. We were told that Reagan wasn't electable either.

Let's Honor, Not Stretch, the Buckley Rule

In the intense heat of the present, it is easy to forget even the relatively recent past, but it seems to me that this GOP primary season is more acrimonious than the past few, probably because the stakes are so high.

When I've noted that this is the most important presidential election of our lifetimes, a few excitability-resistant conservative friends have said, "They have been saying that about every election for more than a generation." My response to that is:
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