Towards Constructing An Islamic State In America

Islamic Society of Greater Houston: We Need to Protect our Community From Non-Islamic Environments
January 3, 2011 h/t Logans Warning

Islamic Society of Greater Houston
 Unfortunately for us the fight goes on, and tonight we move from one internal threat of Islam to another. Now we will take a look at the Islamic Society of Greater Houston, located at 3110 East Side Street, Houston Texas. Once again, the non-Muslim visitors here will not like what they are reading.

From the ISGH’s about page.

What is ISGH

· To provide a platform for mobilizing our energies towards reconstructing an Islamic community in accordance with the principles of Qur’an and Sunnah.

In other words they are doing there part in turning the United States of America, into the Islamic state of America. Read More Here --->

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