To Obama: You're No Reagan

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Posted by Brian  h/t to Strictly Right
President Barack Hussein Obama has, at times, tried to make comparisons of his Presidency to Ronald Reagan's Presidency.  While laughable on its face, the Heritage Foundation, decided to do a comparison of the two Presidencies and jobless rates. The chart visuals are startling:

Reagan, though starting with an unemployment rate nearly 2 points higher than Obama, ended nearly to points lower than Obama over the same time period.  Employment under Obama has actually gone up and continues to rise. In fact, but not shown, the current unemployment rate for Obama, is currently 9.8% or .2 higher than on the graph. Yet we continue to hear from Obama and the White House, the media and Democrats that we've "turned the corner" on the economy.  The graph speaks for itself:  Obama is no Ronald Reagan.
2012 is around the corner.  Will Obama be able to say this (with a straight face) when he runs for re-election?
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