Ridiculous? Croc Shoes A Pesticide According To EPA

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When do you know that your government is out of control? Well, the EPA is bringing the picture more and more into focus.  A regulatory agency established to ensure that we had clean water to drink and clean air to breath, the EPA has become a Soviet-style green police, creating ever more oppresive laws with no oversight from any other branch of government, imposing draconian fines on businesses with little to no recourse but to pay.  The incoming Congress should drastically cut funding to the EPA as one of it's first orders of business. - Brian

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A Real Croc At The EPA
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During the Christmas media lull, the EPA announced that it had fined a Colorado company $230,000 for improperly distributing pesticides. The EPA is tasked with ensuring that people are safe from dangerous chemicals and pollution, so a company that ignores the importance of pesticide regulations should be punished, right? Well, in this instance, the ‘pesticide’ is a pair of rubber clogs impregnated with silver to reduce foot odor. Anyone who fears the consequences of a government shutdown should be able to relax knowing that when the EPA is on the job, it spends its time prosecuting rubber shoes.  READ MORE HERE--->

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