Obama to Top Brass: Will you fire on American Citizens?

Posted by Tom

Dr. Jim Garrow, PhD, is a world renowned educator and human rights activist who was Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009.  Dr Garrow is making a very serious accusation, one with potentially dire consequences.  He alleges that Obama is asking Top Military Officers, "Will you fire on American Citizens if ordered to do so"?

Obama has stated over the last several weeks that he will act on Gun Control, if Congress fails to take the steps he feels are necessary.  Does this mean he's considering taking action on his own, such as the forced confiscation of firearms, that would be in violation of the Constitution?  Is he attempting to ascertain the military's position if he were to issue such an order?

Dr Garrow is making a very startling accusation.  There are several points to consider.  Dr Garrow is by all accounts a very well accomplished and credible man, not many have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.  On the other hand, he has not yet come forth with the identity of the Officer making this accusation.  Without naming the accuser, I consider this suspect.  If this is true, no doubt others would have been asked the very same question.

We will no doubt need additional corroborating evidence to know for sure, but just the fact this is being raised should be cause for concern.

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