EPA "Green-Shirts" Cost Wisconsin Jobs, Company Over $300 Mil.

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The EPA's Lisa Jackson is stepping down,
but not soon enough for Wisconsin workers
losing their jobs due to her heavy-handed
Lisa Jackson is leaving the Obama Administration, but not before she inflicts maximum damage on workers and the economy.  Though rocked by scandal over using fake accounts on official government e-mail accounts, Jackson and the EPA are fining a Wisconsin power company $1.2 million for alleged Clean Air Act violations, in addition to forcing them to spend $300 million on upgrades to two plants, and mandating that they spend $6 million on "green" energy projects. Included in this is giving half a million to national parks, $300K to a community to build a manure digester for biofuels, as well as millions to windfarm companies to buy more wind turbines.  The list goes on.
This folks is socialist re-engineering.  Obama, through the Stasi-like tactics of the EPA, confiscates wealth from one company or industry ("evil" fossil fuel), and redistributes it to those that the Regime approves of ("good" green energy).
Of course, it's the consumer who will end up paying for all of this redistribution in the long run.  The power companies will be forced to offset these fines and mandates in the form of higher prices on the one end, and by the fact that these biofuel products and wind energy cost much more to produce than conventional forms of energy.  Either way, the people of Wisconsin are going to feel the effects in the wallets.

Obama EPA Forces Company to Cut Jobs, Spend $6 million on Green Agenda 
By: briansikma (Diary)  |  January 11th, 2013 at 02:25 PM

A settlement forced by the Obama Administration’s Environmental Protection Agency on a Wisconsin power company has forced an employer to prepare to cut jobs and spend millions paying for the Obama Administration’s green energy agenda. The EPA has entered into a consent decree with the Wisconsin Public Service Corporation (WPS) after federal regulators alleged that two of the company’s coal-fired power plants were in violation of the Clean Air Act. The company disputes the claim.

Under the leadership of Obama appointed EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, the federal agency has been on a crusade to fundamentally reshape portions of the economy. In addition to using its regulatory power to wage war on coal fired power plants, the EPA has pushed an aggressive green energy agenda that has been criticized by some experts as long on politics but short on science.
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