Islamists Riot At U.S. Embassy In U.K.

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On this day of all days! Hundreds of militant Muslims stage mock funeral for Bin Laden outside U.S. embassy in London... as relatives of 7/7 terror attack victims weep at inquest just three miles awayBy Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 8:24 PM on 6th May 2011

  • Radicals warn 'it is only a matter of time' before another atrocity
  • EDL member burns Bin Laden effigy among extremist Muslims

 A protest by hundreds of Osama Bin Laden supporters sparked fury outside the US Embassy in London today as they staged a mock 'funeral service' for the terror leader.
Police stepped in to separate the protesters and members of the English Defence League amid threats of violence from both sides.
Radicals carrying placards proclaiming 'Islam will dominate the world' branded US leaders 'murderers' and warned vengeance attacks were 'guaranteed'.
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