Black Sphere: The Inherrent Racism On The Left

Posted by Brian

Great piece from The Black Sphere, highlighting the inherrent racism from those on the left, who in their own ignorance and elitism, fail to see that it is their supposed "compassion" which gives away their racist views.

Racist Garafolo To The Rescue

As a black man, I love it when ignorant white women like Janeane Garofalo speak for all blacks. It’s thrilling to me that Janeane would take time out of her busy Hollyweird life to protect me and my peeps — the downtrodden, the oppressed…the lowly Negro.

For her efforts, I thank Garofalo, and anoint her Janeane Garofalo: White Chick Protector of the Lowly Negro. Who better than she to offer such protection? Garofalo, after all is an American hero! And I bet you were wondering who could possibly replace the likes of Barbara Streisand or Susan Sarandon…Madonna?

Garofalo is so in touch with the black condition, that she is uniquely qualified to assess and understand my people’s “condition.” Her intimate knowledge of blacks allows her to interpret how blacks think, and then translate “black-think” for the rest of America. “Cuz Lawd knows, we kaints do dis for ourselfs.”
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