Waxman, Frank: To Hell with the Constitution!

Henry Waxman and Barney Frank epitomize what is wrong in Washington, and illustrate exactly why the Tea Party rose up in this last election.
Waxman, who never let an opportunity go by to use his position as Chairman of the Committee on Government Reform to hold Stalinist show trials for everything from MLB steroid use, to companies who disagreed with Obamacare, is one of the more dispicable members of Congress.  His arrogance and heavy-handedness are rivaled by few. So are the size of his nostrils.
Frank, on the other hand is a bloviating miscreant, who along with Chris Dodd, authored much of the legislation that led to the financial crisis and banking collapse. He is so on top of things (sometimes on bottom), that Mr. Good Boy Lollipop claimed he was unaware that his boyfriend was running a male prostitution ring out of his apartment. Now this deviant wants the rest of us to bend over and grab our ankles while he rams through legislation of which he is unconcerned of its Constitutionality.
With their arrogance and unwillingness to hear the People of our great nation, these two and others like them. guarantee that the Tea Party will continue to be a force in the next election, and in future ones as well.  I, and many others whom I have spoken with, are still highly motivated, and will continue to work to get these elitist scumbags out of Washington.  As I have written prior, this process is going to be a long and difficult one, given the amount of resources they have. But person-by-person, election by election, we will give our federal and state houses a colonic, and get out nation back to it's Constitutional moorings. To hell with the Constitution? To hell with those who don't believe they need to adhere to it.  - Brian

Waxman, Frank: To Hell with the Constitution!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011
By Roger F. Gay

The House Republican majority has said it will require members to cite the specific authority for any bill they introduce.

House Democrats are lining up to ridicule a closely related rule that the Republican majority has said it will adopt, requiring members to cite the specific constitutional authority for any bill they introduce. “It’s an air kiss they’re blowing to the tea party,” says Barney Frank, outgoing chairman of the House Financial Services Committee. Henry Waxman, outgoing chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, all but dismissed any role for Congress in assessing the constitutionality of its actions: “Whether it is constitutional or not is going to be whether the Supreme Court says it is.”

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard politicians claim that they have no practical allegiance to the Constitution. Members of both parties have been ridiculing citizens for raising Constitutional concerns for decades. Not my yob, mon!, as if aiming at the obvious ignorance of the common masses. READ MORE HERE--->

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