Pelosi and Dems: "Where Are The Jobs?"

The Democrat Congress is saying "Where are the jobs?', but by doing so they leave no doubt about who has gigantic cajones.  After two years of passing some of the most job-killing legislation in decades, the Democrats come out of the box swinging at a new Republican-led House of Representatives that hasn't even been sworn in yet.  When Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats took over both legislative bodies and the executive body in January 2009, the unemployment rate was at 7.6%.  The unemployment rate now sits at 9.8%.  If you count those wo are no longer in the system and/or who have given up and quit looking, that figure is closer to 17%. This, after the claim the the stimulus package would hold unemployment to no higher than 8%. After two years of "working for the littile guy" and demonizing banks, corporations and Wall Street, who are the only ones doing better? Wall Street firms, which have had two of their best years of revenue growth. Jobs "created" by the $1.67 trillion dollars spent by Congress turned out to be mostly temporary jobs, not long term true growth positions.  The Democrats benefitted on this by adding temporary census workers to the jobs gained list, but unemployment has crept back up to its highest point in 6 months as those jobs have vanished.  Normally, unemployment goes down during the holiday season as retailers hire temporary workers for the rush (some of whom are picked up as permanet after the holidays), but employment numbers are stagnant to slightly worse.  For the Dempocrats to ask "Where are the jobs?" is the height of condescension and chutzpah.  The American people are not that stupid and gullible - are we?  -Brian
Democrats now in minority looking a lot like old GOP as they harp on high unemployment
By Jon Ward - The Daily Caller Published: 1:39 AM 01/05/2011 Updated: 7:34 AM 01/05/2011

Democratic staff passed out a press release to reporters on their way into a briefing with the new House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer Tuesday that read: “Meet the New Republicans – Same as the Old Republicans.”

But on Tuesday at least, House Democrats were the same as the old Republicans.

One day before entering the minority, House Democrats rolled out a line of attack against the new House Republican majority that was almost identical to the one that the GOP used against them over the last two years.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, and other party leaders complained that the GOP is focused on health care instead of jobs, decrying the vote scheduled for next week to repeal President Obama’s health overhaul.  READ MORE HERE--->
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