NBC News Anchor: Republicans are ‘Bastards Who Want to Destroy the American Dream’

Posted by Brian
Ed Schultz, while on one of his famous on-air meltdowns, actually swerves into the truth, although I'm not sure that he even realized it.  While calling Republicans "bastards" he says "we are in an ideological war".  Well, damn straight.  This is an idological war. And as a conservative, I am going to do everything in my power to make sure that those Democrat "bastards" lose this war.  Whether it is blogging, pounding the pavement for candidates, making phone calls, or talking to anyone who will listen and is willing to actually have an idological, civil argument, I am going to be doing that.  The old adage "never talk politics or religion" is one of the reasons that this country is where it is today.  People used to get together and talk about these things, sometimes agreeing to disagree, but having discussions, nonetheless.  Now, most of our citizens get most of their "knowledge" about politics from people like Katie Couric, Ed Schultz, and Keith Olbermann.  We need to have these discussions with our neighbors, friends and strangers alike, especially liberals. Many liberals I know don't even know why the are liberal ("I just always have voted Democrat").  They are emotional thinkers, and you have to cut through that with facts and questions that make them challenge their own beliefs and views. Read the paper, watch the news, read blogs or alternative news sources, and then if the opportunity arises, have a civil discourse about some of the issues that affect both of you, the community, or the country.  You may not always agree, but if you respect their opinion, keep it civil, and present well thought-out, cogent arguments, you might even lift the veil from their eyes and make them see things a little differently.

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