Let The Games Begin - Little Timmy says The Sky is Falling

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Timmy "Chicken Little" Geithner begins the flurry of statements that are sure to continue for the foreseeable future of how the world is going to come to an end if the debt ceiling isn't raised. I can remember back in 2008, when the housing bubble burst, all of the politicians running around saying that if we didn't bail out the banks and the car companies by a certain date, and pass a massive stimulus bill, that the economy would collapse, and we would be thrust into another Great Depression.  Then, the date passed, and there were no riots, the sky didn't fall, and it was just another day.  It didn't stop the politicians from passing the stimulus and passing the bailouts though. Under the Pelosi/Reid Congress, nothing was going to stop the from their agenda.  Thus the rise of the Tea Party and the November 2010 electoral "clock cleaning".  The GOP needs to remember what, and who, swept them back into power.  They need push back on this. They need to remind the American people who it was that put us in this position to begin with.  That it was the Pelosi/Reid Congress the increased the debt $5.2 trillion dollars in four years. The debt ceiling may indeed need to be raised.  But they need to push back hard enough that they force the Democrats to agree to, and pass, massive cuts to Government in all areas, and in all Departments.

Geithner issues apocalyptic warning

01/06/11 12:40 PM Updated: 01/06/11 12:41 PM
Tim Geithner has message for the 112th Congress: The sky really is falling.

President Obama’s blunt Treasury secretary has dispatched a doomsday missive to congressional leaders, detailing the very bad things that will happen to the country – a default and global economic cataclysm – if the GOP fails to increase the debt limit to $14.29 trillion this spring. Read More Here--->

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