Which Democrat Compared Tea Party To KKK in Fundraiser Mailing?

Posted by Brian
H/T to Weasel Zippers

Democrat Alan Grayson is no stranger to sewage level politics, once claiming Republicans wanted Americans to "Die quickly!".  His latest outrage is a fundraising letter (below) using a burning cross, ala the KKK, to be the "T" in Tea Party, exclaiming "Now you know what the 'T' stands for."

Democrats, including the President, repeatedly call for civility in politics while members like Grayson time and again try to see how low they can.  Of course there will be no outrage from the left about this. If they even bring it up, it may be called "unfortunate", but more likely the media will try to find the one racist idiot from some part rally as an example to prove Grayson's point.
Why do we have a shortage of good people in Washington, DC? One need look no further than the prospect of having to be anywhere near a scumbag like Grayson.  Just thinking about being in the same room with this guy makes me want to take a shower.

Fundraising Letter sent out from Grayson for Congress
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