Shutdown: Obama's Gestapo Intimidates and Holds Senior Citizens Tour Group Hostage at Yellowstone

Posted by Brian

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For the most part, and until very recently, I have been fairly measured in the terms that I have used to describe Barack Obama and his administration. No more.  If it did nothing else, the government shutdown has put an exclamation point on who Barack Obama and his minions really are.  He has ripped off the mask and exposed his true dictator-like personality.  Like dictators of the past, his true megalomaniacal colors have shone brightly, as we have witnessed his spoiled-brat temper tantrums, and total disdain for the American people (particularly our  veterans), as he and his underlings have ordered the shutdowns of parks and monuments, including those which are privately funded.  Some disgusted Park service personnel have said that the orders from on high were to make things as painful or difficult for Americans as possible.

The latest outrage from the Obama politburo is the "gestapo"-like treatment of both American citizens and foreign tourists at Yellowstone Park this past week.  According to an article in the Merrimack Valley Eagle Tribune, park visitors were confronted by armed Park Service personnel, and held in a Yellowstone National park hotel under armed guard over two days.  Some Asian tourists thought they were under arrest, and felt as if they were treated like criminals.

A Yellowstone tour bus driver for accused the Park Service personnel of using "gestapo" tactics.  Once released, the senior citizen group he was driving for was forced to make a two and a half hour drive out of the park with no stops for bathroom breaks, or any other reason.  Coming upon a herd of bison, the tourists filed out to get take pictures but were immediately forced back on the bus by an armed Park Service person who told them they could not "recreate".  Additionally, a local dude ranch was told they would have their license revoked if they allowed the bus to pull in and allow the seniors to use their restroom facilities.

Does this sound like a "free" country to you? A country in which a man with a messiah complex, who is also a dyed-in-the-wool Marxist, uses force and "gestapo" tactics to intimidate his subjects into mindless and fearful compliance?  Others can pussy-foot around who and what this guy is all they want.  Just like this marxist piece of shit, I'm done playing nice with the enemy, including the ones on the Republican side.  Hear that McCain, Boehner, and the rest of you turds?

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