Hillary Endorses Fellow Insider Trader Terry McAuliffe For VA Governor

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From Politico:
Hillary Clinton made her first campaign appearance in nearly five years on Saturday to support Terry McAuliffe, her old friend who’s running as the Democratic nominee for governor in Virginia. But for the media and the majority of attendees packed into The State Theatre here for the event, it was all about her.

And so the "Hillary 2016" media campaign begins.  Figuring that her role in the Benghazi debacle has cooled down enough to come out in public again, Hillary stuck her head out to help friend and former DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe, while simultaneously showing she is still a political force to be reckoned with.   And she is.  As with Obama, the cult of personality is also alive and well with Hillary's supporters. About the only thing that could damage her in the eyes of her sycophantic legions would be for her to come out as unashamedly straight, and to say that she has really enjoyed her last several months as a simple homemaker for Bill.
Much of her speech was canned Democrat stump partisan fodder of gay rights,  women's inequality, and the disfunction of DC (GOP) politicians.  But other parts were hysterical simply because of who the messenger was.  She criticized politicians who "choose scorched earth instead of common ground, when they operate in what I call the ‘evidence-free zone,’ with ideology trumping everything else.”  Really? If Republicans were actually competent, or even capable, of conducting 'scorched earth' politics would be one thing, but for Hillary Clinton to talk about something that she and Bill excel at makes this particularly funny. I don't even have to mention that her former boss Barack Obama levels his political playing field by eliminating (literally) the competition.  There are some who would argue that Bill and Hillary may have done the same thing, seeing how a disturbingly large number of their political and business foes had mysterious and untimely deaths.
Hillary also spoke of why people, presumably herself included, run for office these days, opining “When you think about why people run for office in these times — if it’s only about yourself, if it’s only about you wanting to get a job and the perks that go with it, and having people stand up when you come into the room, that’s not enough anymore because its hard. Politics is hard.”
Oh, do tell Hillary.  This coming from a woman who, along with her husband, have done nothing but run for political office for the last forty years, with the only jobs she has had are ones which are well-connected politically, and which they have used to enrich themselves either politically of financially.  But it's not just about them, or her.

McAuliffe, like Hillary and Bill Clinton, is no stranger to shady financial deals which have yielded both Clinton and McAuliffe huge profits from relatively small investments.   Bill and Hillary with Whitewater, and some miraculously lucky cattle futures trading, and Terry McAuliffe with a company called Global Crossing.
Terry McAuliffe, who was at the forefront of criticizing Enron executives for hurting the "small people" (how liberals and statists view average Americans), and calling for investigations, made and $18 million profit on a $100 thousand dollar investment over a year and a half.  Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman said “Terry McAullife’s astonishing profit (from  reeks of potential insider trading, especially given his role in selling government favors for campaign contributions during the Clinton Administration."  During the time that McAuliffe did "political work" for Global Crossing CEO Gary Winnick, Global Crossing and Winnick were donating huge sums of money to the Democrats.  And just like Enron, Global Crossing had inflated its stock prices, while company executives and their"friends" were looted billions of dollars, and employees 401K's were wiped out in the ensuing bankruptcy.
Despite the supposed backlash against Wall Street, insider trading, and business as usual , McAuliffe leads the Virginia governors race over his GOP opponent Ken Cuccinelli by over 7 points.
Supposedly people are sick of the same old thing, yet here we have two of the biggest political "insiders" on the same podium being cheered by the people who supposedly despise the Washington and Wall Street "fat cats".
And yet, nobody sees the complete irony of this.

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