Washington Redskins Logo is the New Swastika

Posted by Brian

Yippee!! Journalists have a manufactured story to glom onto for the next week. Though the Washington Redskins have been using their team moniker since their inception in 1932, today the agents of tolerance have decided that "Redskins" can no longer be tolerated.  It is an affront to everyone that such a racist name be used.  By everyone, they of course mean all of the New York-DC Beltway journalists and a few other limp-wristed, metrosexual malcontents like Bob Costas, who need a current cause-celebre to support, giving them a sense of purpose for their pathetic lives.  That 79% of all Americans, and 91% of American Indians find the Redskins moniker acceptable is inconsequential to these fools.

Courtesy of Tom Stiglich/NYDN

Why stop at Redskins?  There are also the Kansas City Chiefs who use Native American symbols for their logo. What about the New Orleans Saints and the obvious religious images their name evokes.  Certainly that name can't be tolerated in a civil society.  And then there are the Green Bay "Packers".  How can someone not see the homophobic gay reference that name is "poking" fun at.  And of course, there's the worst one of all.  The New England Patriots.  Everyone with half a brain, and a semester in a college history course, knows that our so-called patriot founders were nothing more than common terrorists.  And we have an NFL team with their disgusting red, white and blue uniforms glorifying them?

Stop the insanity, right?  No.  Let's take it to the next illogical step and equate the Redskins logo with the Nazi and Confederate flags,  and the 6 million jews exterminated and the millions of blacks killed or held in bondage. Have they no shame? A: No, they don't.  These idiots take up these impotent symbolic stands against "intolerance", which do nothing for whatever group they currently "stand with", but make themselves feel better.

If these morons succeed in pressuring the Redskins to cave and change their identity, then these tiny-brained Bob Costas' of the world will celebrate their hollow victory, convinced they have made a difference, and stood against intolerance, and for Native Americans.  Meanwhile, the Lakota and other tribes will continue to live in forced squalor on tribal lands, out-of-sight and out-of-mind of Bob Costas and his east Coast liberal elite friends.

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