Debbie Was-A-Man Schultz says Reid's Refusal To Bring Budget To Floor "Simply Not True"

Posted by Brian
Debbie Wasserman-Schultz: The face that launched a thousand lunches
The master prevaricator once again goes before the American public to spew lies and half-truths, while getting in her obligatory slam at the Republicans.

This woman is beyond despicable.  Wearing her arrogance on her sleeve like a badge of honor, she time and again goes before the cameras to spew leftist propaganda worthy of Josef Goebbels.

The fact is that a budget has not come out of the Senate in over three years.  Harry Reid, the President and the Democrats have not brought forward a serious budget during the three-plus years that Obama has been in office.  Of the two budgets that the President has submitted, which were not worth the paper they were written on, neither one got a singe vote for passage.  Nada. Not even one vote!

"Simply not true", Debbie?  You wouldn't know the truth if it smacked you in the ass on your way out of office.

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