Breitbart Is Here...and So Is Rush Limbaugh

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Taking a page from Andrew Brietbart, Rush Limbaugh is no longer being passive about the constant attacks on him by Media Maters, and is going on offense.
What, you say? But, doesn't Limbaugh have three hours a day to spew his venom at the left?  Yes, he does have that three hours, but for anyone who has listened to Rush for any length of time, he rarely speaks about himself.  He has a hard enough time just getting through his "stack of stuff" to spend much time on his personal trials. Besides, as he admits, he isn't comfortable talking about himself.
With the new social media (Twitter, Facebook) playing a larger role in how people get information, Rush is embracing it and taking his message to a much larger audience.  Unfortunately for Media Matters, Rush has his sites set squarely on them, presumably with the intent of exposing their ties to the White House, the Mainstream Media, working as attack dogs for the Democrat Party, and hopefully having their tax-exempt status removed as a non-profit, non-partison entity.
When MMfA went after Limbaugh, one wonders if they bit off more than they can chew...and did they see the holy-shit storm coming their way?!


Posted on April 30, 2012 at 11:02am by Erica Ritz

After years of verbally combating Media Matters’ ceaseless assaults, Rush Limbaugh has taken a more concrete step towards refuting the vocal leftist organization.

On his website, Limbaugh now has an entire section dedicated solely to setting the record straight on dubious Media Matters allegations.  Found at “mediamatters.rushlimbaugh.com,” the page begins with an introduction of the group:
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