Obama's Votes "Present" on Egypt

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The job of President of the United States is not one that you would associate with a Monday to Friday, 9 to 5  work schedule.  Would somebody please explain this to the President.  The events taking place in the Middle East right now are not your run-of-the-mill democratic populist uprisings. There are far too many variables, both in the makeup of the protesters, some of whom may be people looking for democratic reforms, but whose ranks are being swelled by radical jihadists pouring in from all over the Middle East. The radical Muslim Brotherhood is hoping to turn this event into a springboard to power in Egypt. This is not an insignificant point.  If the Brotherhood takes control of Egypt, it then controls the Suez Canal.  This is a game-changer with global repercussions, especially in the oil markets. 
Even if President Obama is fully dialed in to everything that is happening, and is fully engaged, the reports and photos of him partying and relaxing during all of this sends a huge message to the protesters, to Hosni Mubarak, the Muslim Brotherhood, and even Iran: this President is in way over his head. 
What would the response of Nikita Khrushchev have been if John Kennedy had been having cocktail parties with Marilyn Monroe during the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis?  The message sent to Khrushchev could have proven fatal, or at least the world would have looked a lot different. 
Obama may have been able to pull off looking Presidential after the shootings in Tuscon, but that was the minor leagues next to this crisis.  Tunisia has already fallen, Egypt is teetering, and there are thousands taking to the streets in Jordan, calling for the Jordanian Prime Minister to step down.  There are reports coming out of Egypt that if the Muslim Brotherhood takes power, they are calling for the destruction of Israel.
Up to this point, the President has made a couple of weak statements in regards to the turmoil.  His original statement basically said that the U.S. was not taking sides, but in later statements the White House has essentially thrown Mubarak under the bus and urged him to oversee a "peaceful transition of power".  Transfer power to what?  To whom? The Muslim Brotherhood? The army?  ElBaradei, who is looking more and more like a stooge for the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran, reportedly receiving $7 million from Iran for "political reform in Egypt"?
Where is Obama on all of this?  Just like he's done throughout his legislative career - he's voting "present".

h/t to Mark Levin
As Egypt Burns...Obama Parties
By Jim Hoft

As Egypt continues to burn... Islamic radicals escaped from prison, the Muslim Brotherhood joined Elbaradei on the street, and socialists continued to mobilze protests in Cairo... Barack Obama watched basketball and partied on Saturday. READ MORE HERE--->

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