Hard-Left Environmentalism: It's About the Redistribution of Wealth, Stupid!

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 It's About the Redistribution of Wealth, Stupid!

The latest saga in environmentalists blocking clean energy sources comes from Kansas and Oklahoma. Apparently, these two states have some of the greatest potential for wind energy in the country, so some green entrepreneurs put up some wind farms to harness the energy.  One problem:  they can't put up transmission lines to get the energy from the wind farms to the customer, because environmentalists and the Sierra Club have filed lawsuits blocking construction of the lines.  Why?  The would run through breeding territory for the "Lesser Prairie Chicken".  Actually, the real reason is that it has never been about the environment with these people.  It is about standing in the way of progress.  Standing in the way of business, innovation, and weakening the overall U.S. economy - to "level the global economic playing field". 

Now, I'm not talking about you average, everyday, citizen environmentalist. This is not the person who wants clean water, air, and being generally good common-sense stewards of the earth.  I am talking about the heads of these organizations  (Sierra Club, WWF, PETA, EarthFirst, etc), who are straight up Marxists, using the environmental movement to further their cause.  They create strawmen to create fear and anxiety.  They say that we are "destroying the planet", or that man is a "virus" who needs to be dealt with, and in their minds, eventually "eliminated" so that Mother Earth can go back to her original "pristine" state.  Michael Crichton exposes much of this in his novel "State Of Fear", a "factional" novel with scores of footnotes and documents uncovered from these organizations, which lays out the politicization of the environmental movement and of its greater goals, which have nothing to do with "Saving the Planet".

While environmentalist lecture us about the need to produce "green" energy, such as wind, geothermal, and solar, it is these same environmentalist who put up the roadblocks to actually implementing these technologies.  Solar farms in the Mojave Desert?  It may impact the desert tortoise.  Wind farms off Cape Cod?  It will ruin the view. Nuclear power plant anywhere?  Forget about it.  Water for growing crops in the San Joaquin Valley? It may impact a bait fish (smelt).

It's never been about the environment for these organizations.  It's about redistribution of wealth, stupid!

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