"This is a battle for our basic freedoms,"

U.N.'s Islam-protection plan revives
Christian ministry warns 'blasphemy' rule would cause mayhem
Posted: November 22, 2010  9:18 pm Eastern
By Bob Unruh
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A death penalty for blasphemy against Islam announced for a Christian woman in Pakistan and a pending U.N. discussion about a Muslim plan to protect Islam with an anti-blasphemy plan may on the surface appear to have little to do with the average American.

But that would be dangerous as well as incorrect, according to the chief of a Christian ministry that works with persecuted Christians, almost all in Islamic or communist countries, around the globe.

The issue over blasphemy was addressed by Carl Moeller, chief of Open Doors USA, in an interview with WND because of the pending threat to the freedoms in America.

"This is a battle for our basic freedoms," he warned.

The circumstances that are coming together at this point include the announcement in Pakistan of the death penalty by hanging for a Christian woman who was accused by her Muslim neighbors of "blaspheming" Islam.

Her case is on appeal, and on Monday there were reports that a request for a pardon had been submitted on her behalf.

In an interview with Compass Direct sources, Asia Noreen, also known as Asia Bibi, said her side of the dispute never has been heard even after multiple court hearings over two years.

"How can an innocent person be accused, have a case in court after a false [report], and then be given the death sentence, without even once taking into consideration what he or she has to say?" she asked.

The second circumstance is that the United Nations soon will be considering – again – a plan repeatedly proposed by Muslims that is called an "anti-blasphemy" effort. The original version was proposed to protect Islam from any criticism worldwide, but later expanded ostensibly to protect other religions as well.

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