Female Indonesian Domestic Workers Abused, Killed by Saudi Employers

Where is the outrage from the feminist groups and the left?  This is the third story I've read in the last month involving nearly identical stories.  One woman was beaten to within an inch of her life.  The others were all murdered.  The answer is that they are too busy defending Islamists and sharia here in the U.S.  The exact ideology that propagates this treatment of women.  - Brian
Nov 20, 2010

Maid 'killed by Saudi boss'
Jakarta demands investigation into death of Indonesian worker found in dumpster

JAKARTA - INDONESIA yesterday demanded that the Saudi authorities investigate the death of a maid who was allegedly killed by her employers and whose body was thrown into a dumpster - the second case of maid abuse involving Saudi employers this week.

'It's shocking to hear this... It's beyond inhumane,' said President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. He spoke to reporters after attending a Cabinet meeting convened to discuss how the government can protect the thousands of Indonesians who head to the Middle East in search of work.

Too many, human rights groups say, face slavery-like conditions, sexual abuse and even death.

An Indonesian lawmaker, Ms Rieke Diah Pitaloka, expressed anger over the death of Ms Kikim Komalasari, 36, whose body was found in a dumpster.

She and activists from Migrant Care Indonesia held a protest outside the Saudi Embassy in Jakarta yesterday. A banner carried by one of the protesters read, 'Saudi Arabia: Cruelty to Humanity'.

Indonesia's Labour Minister Muhaimin Iskandar said an embassy team had been dispatched to the Saudi town of Abha to look into allegations that Ms Kikim was killed by her employers.

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