The Left's Hypocrisy On Airport Screening

Why Aren't We Profiling?
by Brian Johnson November 24, 2010

During the Bush years, every time the Administration came out with a new security policy, be it warrantless wiretapping, holding terrorists at Club Gitmo, waterboarding of terrorists, or the Patriot Act, those on the left would come out of their skin about loss of civil rights for the terrorists.  Now we have the TSA doing full body scans and extremely intrusive "pat downs" on actual American citizens, which in some cases look more like proctological exams, or something that should be administered by an Ob/Gyn, and those on the left are suddenly fine with it.  Anything for security, right?  But, the first mention of using the proven Israeli method of profiling, the left comes unglued, falling back on their tried and true method of attack, which is to scream racism.  The thing is, the Israeli's don't profile on race.  They profile behavior, paperwork, and body language, among other things. All without doing any groping, or violating Fourth Amendment Rights.

Watch Video of one of my favorite leftists - Ed "Sgt." Schultz

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