Happy Veterans Day From President Obama - Pay for Your Own Damn Health Care!!

"Non-combat"  related health problems: 
  • Bad ankles and knees - standing 8, 12, even 34 hour watches on a steel deck.
  • Hearing loss - listening to white noise on a sonar stack for 20 years.
  • Broken backs and/or back problems
  • 2nd & third degree electrical burns
  • Lung problems
These are just a few "work, but not combat" related issue of myself, or men I have served with in the military.  This President is clueless to the type of work that military men and women do which cause injuries or health problems, sometimes years after they leave or retire from the military.  I guess it's hard to relate when toughest job you've done is a community organizing.

H/T to CNSNews

Obama's Fiscal Commission Calls for Veterans to Make Co-Payments for Certain Non-Combat-Related Health Care

Wednesday, November 10, 2010
By Fred Lucas

(CNSNews.com) – American veterans would have to cover at least a portion of their own medical costs under a proposal from the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform in its draft report, released on Wednesday.

Requiring veterans to pay for non-combat-related medical problems, instead of the government covering the entire cost, would save $700 million by 2015, the commission says in its draft report.

“This option would increase out-of-pocket costs for veterans in Priority Group 5 — those who do not have service-connected disabilities and whose income is below a VA-defined threshold,” states the draft report.

“Currently, those patients pay no fees for inpatient or outpatient medical care. This option requires co-payments for medical care provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs to these enrollees, saving $0.7 billion in 2014,” the report says.

President Barack Obama established the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform earlier this year to address escalating national debt that has reach $13.6 trillion and the federal deficit that now stands at $1.3 trillion.

The 18-member commission includes members appointed by the president and members from each party in the House and Senate leadership. A final report, due on Dec. 1, must have the approval of 14 of the 18 members on the commission.

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