Conservative Need to Get Behind the Jim DeMint's of the GOP

Tea Party Did NOT Cost GOP The Senate.  Mealy Mouthed RINO's Did.

It is about time that the notion that the Tea Party cost the Republican's the Senate is put to rest.  Senator Jim Demint is right on the money.  The Tea Party launched the GOP back into power in the House and gave it significant gains in the Senate.  Christine O'Donnell is always brought up as the example of the type of Conservative that can't win in a "blue" state.  Maybe Christine O'Donnell would have had a fighting chance if Karl Rove hadn't gone on 'Hannity' the night of her primary victory, and had a hissy fit because his candidate, Mike Castle, was defeated by O'Donnell.  He called her unviable as a candidate, and basically attacked her both personally and professionally.  The GOP good 'ol boy establishment of Lindsey Graham, Rove, McCain, and others are on notice.  You govern as you see fit.  If you want to play pussyfoot with the Democrats, then be prepared to have your asses thrown out in 2012 or 2014.  The voters are tired of "new boss, same as the old boss" type of politicians.  As Ronald Reagan said, "bold colors.  Not pale pastels" is how we are going to take the country back.