Benghazi: Dude, this scandal isn't going away!

Posted by Brian

Every once in a while, and seemingly more often these days, some of those in the Obama Administration let slip exactly how they feel about their true agenda, and their worldview.

Such is the case with former National Security Council spokes-dope, Tommy Vietor. Appearing on Fox' 'Special Report with Bret Baier', Vietor gave everyone a front row seat into the cavalier attitudes that permeate this White House and the Administration.  Pressed by Bret Baier about who changed the Benghazi talking points that Susan Rice was sent out to deliver on the Sunday morning talk circuit, Vietor said he couldn't remember, then flippantly tossed out, "Dude, this was like two years ago".

This is his reaction to the brutal murders of four Americans? His mood was one of being perturbed that he even has to be there to answer any questions.

You can bet that his attitude, and the Administration's, isn't any different for our military men and women in Afghanistan or Iraq, except how it affects them politically.
"Dude, this was like two years ago." "What difference at this point does it make?" These answers give the public a glimpse into exactly how these elitists view those who serve and give the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Most of the investigating has been focused the talking points Susan Rice delivered on the Sunday shows, and who changed them.  No one has asked why it was Susan Rice giving them instead of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  One of those murdered was a State Department employee and supposedly good friend of Hillary's, Christopher Stevens. She seems to be the obvious choice.

Why?  Because Hillary couldn't get bloodied up by this fiasco.  It has been well known that Hillary is the presumptive 2016 Democrat Presidential candidate.  Hillary couldn't go out there and deliver an obvious lie about some little known YouTube video which created demonstrations, eventually leading to the attack on the embassy and the death of four Americans.  So little known was the video, that it wasn't until AFTER Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama apologized for it, that demonstrations broke out all across the Muslim world in reaction to it.

Nor could Hillary go out and tell the truth about what happened.  That Ambassador Stevens saw the deteriorating security situation, had requested additional assets, and which Hillary and the State Department had turned down, also couldn't be admitted to.

Instead, Hillary disappeared for a week, the cover story that she fell and hit her head.  No evidence was produced of what doctor she saw or if she ever saw one. The media just accepted it at face value. Case closed.

Benghazi was an event that had, and still has, huge political ramifications.  It happened right in the middle of Obama's reelection campaign, and if mishandled, could sink his reelection.  For that reason, he could be nowhere near it. That portion of the coverup has been, thus far, complete. No one outside of the Oval Office even knows where Obama was at after 5:30PM on the night of the attacks.  How is that possible?  Americans are under attack, and the Commander in Chief is AWOL until sometime the following morning, when he's flying to a fundraiser? Either he was derelict in his duty as Commander in Chief during an act of war being waged on American people and assets, or the Administration was caught flat-footed, and his response bungled so badly that they couldn't let the American people or anyone else know it.

There's still news to come out on the U.S. running guns through Qatar, and arming al-Qaeda rebels in Libya, and possibly Syria.

With Nixon, it wasn't the break-in which brought him down, it was the coverup.  For Obama, Hillary, and others, it may be all of the above…Dude.

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