Senator Ted Cruz Slams Kerry, Calls For His Resignation After Idiotic Apartheid Comments

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Kerry's Apartheid Comment Accurately Reflects The Obama Admin Position
John "Lurch" Kerry made one of the most outrageous (and dangerous) statements of any sitting Secretary of State in U.S. history, saying Israel risked being an "apartheid state" if she didn't agree to a two-state solution with "Palestinian" Arabs.
Just as he threw his fellow soldiers under the bus in 70's congressional hearings, accusing the of "atrocities reminiscent of Genghis Khan", He does the same to Israel.
Reading of this, Senator Ted Cruz took to the Senate floor and called for Kerry's resignation (below).
Don't expect much, though.  The President won't ask for it, or even condemn Kerry's remarks, as they reflect Obama's and his Administrations view of Israel accurately.
This President, his administration, and the Democrat Party have made it crystal clear over the last five years that they are not friends of Israel, or the Jewish people.

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