Anti-Gun Senator: This Homemade Weapon Can Shred an Airplane in Half!

What happens when you mix an illogical fear of guns with profound ignorance?

You get Kevin de Leon, a California State Senator and rabid anti-gun nut from Los Angeles, going on television and demonstrating that he is now illiterate in three languages.

Democrat de Leon has introduced a bill, SB808, addresses homemade weapons, which he calls "ghost guns".  His bill would require the makers of all homemade guns, including those produced by 3D printers,  to apply to the state DOJ for a serial number to be applied to the gun, and that a piece of metal be made a permanent part of the gun, so that the weapon could be seen by metal detectors.
Magazine vs. Clip

For starters, his bill makes no sense, and is just another feel-good piece of paper that he can take back to his constituents and say, "Look what I did!" Yes, the gun he is holding is homemade, but it is also fully automatic (by his own admission), which already makes it illegal. Does he really believe that the person, or the people who make this and other "ghost" guns are going to voluntarily contact the DOJ to have a serial number issued?  WHY do so many people think that our elected officials are so smart? They're not!  The people who are making or buying these weapons are either acquiring them as "throwaways", or people who are concerned with a coming tyrannical government may start to produce them.  Neither one is are going to apply for a serial number.

Kevin de Leon then goes on to prove to the whole world that he has never handled or been around a weapon his whole life, as he makes a glaring number of farcical statements about the weapon in his hands, including that it has a firing rate nearly that of a military phalanx system, which can shred an airplane or missile in half.

Phalanx Systems in Action

He picks up one weapon and swings it around with his finger inside the trigger guard and on the trigger.  Safety first, Kevin! He then picks up another weapon, which he calls "an automatic sniper weapon".  This is getting hysterical.  A sniper, by the very nature of his job, would never use an automatic rifle.  They are single shot bolt actions or semi-auto.

Mixing up clips, magazines, and caliber and capacity, his entire demonstration was, as they say, "a hot mess". He comes off as someone who was thrust into doing a demonstration at the last minute, yet he is the one who is the author of the bill!  The supposed expert! In reality, he is just another typical liberal, reacting emotionally to something of which he has zero knowledge, thus unable to make a coherent intellectual case.  Because there is no case to make.  His SB808 bill is intellectually vapid.  A "feel good" measure. It will have ZERO effect on the sale or manufacture of these weapons because they are already a black market item.

Meanwhile, these same idiots are doing their best to make it as difficult as possible for law-abiding people to get legal guns and ammunition to protect themselves and their families from criminals who are able to get their weapons and ammo easily.

Thanks, Mr. Wizard!

Watch the full press conference below:

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