Dem Strategist: Obama "needs more outlets where it’s just him talking to the American people".

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Did Dem Strategist Just call For Obama To Be A Dictator?

CNN host Don Lemon, Democrat strategist Hilary Rosen, and conservative Reihan Salam discussed President Obama's failures and sinking numbers on a recent CNN segment of "Out Front".

It was a brutal segment for Rosen, as both Salam and Lemon challenged her talking points and supposed reasons for Obama's troubles.

Rosen, saying that Republicans blow Obama's words and "intentions" out of proportion, was challenged by Lemon, who said, "Isn’t the president above that? Like, you don’t punch down."

Exactly.  It's laughable that she and Obama are complaining that Fox News and Rush Limbaugh are destroying the Presidents message.  Apparently, those two outlets alone are able to drown out MSNBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, and Ed Schultz (Radio Show) combined.  It's a ridiculous statement, especially in the context of the amount of negative press and political noise that was aimed at the Bush Administration for 8 years.  How was it that Fox and Rush were not able to counter them back then.

Salam then jumps in: “The problem is that there are a lot of people, including Democratic lawmakers, including women who serve in the Obama administration who say that this is a difficult guy to work with. There are lawmakers, Democratic lawmakers, who feel as though he has just been tremendously difficult working helping them achieve their goals. It’s not just Republicans. So I have a feeling that the president sometimes wants to shift blame to other people for some of his failures as a communicator and someone who is building communications.”

It is here that Rosen suggests that Obama's problem is he can't speak to American's directly, whenever he wants to, with no one to challenge him on what he says:
“Well, I don’t think he is shifting blame. I think that what he is saying is that he needs more and more outlets where it’s just him talking to the American people.

You know, Like Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez, talking for hours to a captive audience with no one to challenge him, or to put anything he says in context. We need to just let him be the benevolent dictator he aspires to be, and we need to shup up and be good subjects. Is that about right, Hilary Rosen?

Ms Rosen might want to go back and brush up on the history of the Jewish people, and what happens when people allow exactly what she is advocating for.

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