Regardless Of Outcomes, Media Will Spin Debates As Wins For Obama

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Media Bias To Kick Into Overdrive After Debates

With the first Presidential debate one day away, polls show Mitt Romney and Barack Obama in a statistical dead heat with voters.  At this time, the Presidential race is really down to about 15% of the undecided voters, and those who say that they are still able to be swayed.  It's time for the cavalry to mount up and come to the rescue - the cavalry of course, being the mainstream media. The media are already lowering expectations for Obama, so any decent showing will be declared an Obama success.  Thus, a "win".
If Romney tanks in the debates, it will make it easy for them.  Simply play Romney gaffes on a continuous loop for the next week of so.
However, if Romney does clean Obama's clock, or if the debate is considered close, the mainstream media will kick into high gear, praising Obama's parrying of Romney's points with the mastery of a seasoned politician, while lamenting Romney's performance, calling it 'a missed opportunity with only a few short weeks to right his sinking campaign'.
Even though polls show Romney surging, the MSM will continue with its meme of a troubled Romney campaign, while praising an Obama campaign that, even with highly skewed coverage in his favor, has been feckless in gaining any real traction with voters that is sustainable.
What this really is, is the MSM's last push to get Obama over the finish line. It happened 2000, and again in 2004, as media "analysis" was that both Gore and Kerry had clean sweeps of their debates with Bush.  Though Bush won both elections, the races might have been tighter than they should have been, thanks to wall-to-wall negative coverage of Bush, and sycophantic praise of both Gore and Kerry.
A strong, confident performance by Romney will make it more difficult for them, but so-called non-partisan journalists like 'Pretty Boy' George Stephanopoulos will declare victory for Obama, as he has for every Democrat since joining ABC in 1997.  His analysis was so skewed in the first Bush/Gore debate that it was laughable.  SNL even did a parody of Gore's performance, in which he audibly sighed, and rolled his eyes continuously, and spoke of his famous "lock box" during the debate. No matter, it was a clear Gore win in the eyes of 'Stephie'.
The sad thing, is that there are voters who, even though they come away from the debates with their own opinion of who won or lost the debate, are quickly swayed by the media's 'analysis', which in most cases favors Democrats.

ABC's Stephanopoulos Leads Post-Debate Media Spin for Democrats
By Rich Noyes | October 02, 2012 | 08:50

Leading into tomorrow’s presidential debate, journalists are busy setting expectations for the candidates. On Sunday’s Good Morning America, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos argued that Mitt Romney is under “huge, huge” pressure: “He is behind right now. He is behind nationally, he’s behind in all of the battleground states. This is the last big audience that Mitt Romney is going to have with about four and a half weeks left to go.”
But more undecided voters will be swayed by the media’s post-debate spin about who won and who lost than by any pre-debate expectations. Reviewing the last several campaigns, MRC analysts have found a clear trend of network reporters fawning over the performance of liberal candidates, while harping on any perceived weaknesses or gaffes from conservatives.

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