Ryan Needs To Be Prepared For Biden "The Character Assassin"

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H/T to Mark Levin and The American Spectator

On last night's Mark Levin Show, Mark went over a piece from The American Spectator, which serves as a reminder that the Joe Biden the media portrays, a down-to-earth, everyday, aw shucks, good old boy, is betrayed by his record of attempting to destroy personally, those whom he sees as the opposition.  Not to beat them on their merits, but with vicious character assassinations.
If audio becomes available from his third hour segment, I'll update it here.   For now, the American Spectator article is something which needs to be forwarded to as many people as possible to reaquaint them with the "other" Joe Biden that the media ignores.
As Levin said last night: Paul Ryan would be well advised to be prepared to deal with this "other" Joe Biden in tonight's debate: A man who is vicious, a pure ideologue, one-half of a team that is backed into a corner.  And we all know what animals do when cornered.

Old Smirkin' Joe:
By PAUL KENGOR on 10.10.12 @ 6:09AM
Paul Ryan readies for the Biden Treatment.

I'd like to share a story on Senator Joe Biden that happened 31 years ago, and may be relevant to Biden's Thursday evening debate with Paul Ryan. It involved Biden's international humiliation of a good man, and it became a habit for Biden. I'm confident Biden may aim to repeat the performance with Paul Ryan in the vice-presidential debate, looking to "Quayle" the youthful Wisconsin congressman in a way worse than Lloyd Bentsen might have done.
The "good man" I'm referring to is William P. "Bill" Clark, also known as Judge Clark. Clark, now 80 years old, living in Paso Robles, California, was Ronald Reagan's confidant, closest aide, and single most important adviser in the effort to take down the Soviet Union. He was widely heralded from left to right, from the likes of Maureen Dowd to Lou Cannon to Edmund Morris to Cap Weinberger to Michael Reagan. But before Clark could do the crucial work he did for President Reagan, he had to survive confirmation hearings before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in February 1981.
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