Dictators Of The World Unite! Chavez Endorses Obama

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Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez weighed in on the upcoming American election with his preference for - who else(?) - Barack Obama.  Chavez called Obama a "good guy", and said that he, and Venezuela, pose no threat.  More likely, he meant to say that Barack Obama poses no threat to any of America's enemies as long as he is President, thus giving Chavez and other despots free reign to undermine U.S. interests around the globe.
So, one one hand, Chavez just sees Obama as a "good guy". Keep in mind that Chavez oversees, and Venezuela has, some of the largest oil reserves in the world, and is a member of OPEC.  Venezuela, and any other country that controls the main source of fuel to the world, poses a major threat to the U.S. in this area.  Venezuela, along with the other OPEC countries who don't particularly like us, are capable of creating major instability in the oil markets.  The U.S., without a President and administration who project strength, and a coherent national energy policy, create an appearance of weakness, which our enemies are only too happy to exploit.
On the other hand, Hugo Chavez sees in Obama a kindred spirit.  He sees Obama as a brother in his own vision of a worldwide socialist utopia.  He sees Obama as intentionally weakening the United States, and bringing her down to the same level politically, economically, as countries whose governments and their policies have done to the citizens of those countries.  It is not a good thing, in their eyes, to have a country like the United States out there show that there might be a better way of doing things. Of course, they will point to the U.S. as an example of greed/corruption/et.al. to their people, to illustrate the unfairness of our wealth, and how their socialism/communism provides "fairness" to all.  They'll talk of how too much freedom is bad.  Unfortunately for them, there are still many in these societies who either know, or remember, that what the U.S. has done has provided a better life for not only those who have gotten wealthy, but that even our "poor" have standards of living that are much greater than some of the so-called well-to-do in their socialist utopias.
That Hugo Chavez prefers Obama to Romney is not a surprise. Commies of a feather stick together.  My question is:  When are the Castro Brothers going to weigh in?

Hugo Chavez Signals Preference for Obama Re-Election 
By CHRISTOPHER TOOTHAKER, Associated Press July 23, 2012

Caracas (AP) – Venezuela's Hugo Chavez has signaled a preference in the U.S. presidential campaign by comparing Mitt Romney to his own challenger.

Chavez, who is up for re-election a month before U.S. President Barack Obama, has in recent weeks expressed a clear preference for the man currently in the White House.
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